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So, this was a little scenario that I thought could make a fun little VR Game.  I had just start working with VR, so it is very rough but is still good enough to give an idea of what a more complete game would be like.

Basically, you have to figure out (using your forensic skills) which item(s) were used to smash a pie.


  • Grip buttons for grabbing objects.
  • Main triggers will activate the object (only the spray bottle, UV light and the camera can be used as such)
  • Use the right thumbstick to rotate the player (45 degrees per push)
  • Touch (do not press) the Y button on the left controller to produce a 'teleport' indicator.  Point this as the floor, and then fully press the Y button to jump to that position.


To complete the game you have to find evidence of who the criminal is.  To do this use the following procedure:

  1. Spray all of the items with the Pie-inol.
  2. Using the UV light, find the object(s) that were used. HINT: The spray will stick to the pie remnant and glow blue under the UV light.
  3. Using the little brush keep 'dusting' the object until a clear fingerprint appears.
  4. Get a clear photograph of the fingerprint.

There will probably not be any updates to this project... however I may well continue this in an actual game...

P.S. Sorry about the voice over.

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ProjectPieForensicsItchV.01.zip 49 MB

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