Screwy ball Physics: A step closer to solution.

Hey all,

So, you MAY have noticed that the ball does something odd when it's travelling quite fast:  it hits an invisible wall (sometimes, it's just a speed-bump).

Needless to say this is annoying, and completely breaks the momentum of the ball, not to mention the immersion of the game.  And, although I'm not getting much from the forums just yet (it always takes time)  I've found out a small work around thanks to some assistance.

Unless you're into technical stuff, best to stop reading there.

Still reading? Okay!

So I've been using what are called MeshColliders with my track parts.  This is used by Nvidia's PhysX physics simulator (used by both Unity and Unreal engines) to check what the objects in the game are doing.  The problem is that MeshColliders have problems when they are perfectly aligned and flat - they just don't work well, as in, jumping balls.

Of course, it's my fault.  I was thinking that since this is a simple/minimalist game that I could get away with using the MeshColliders on all objects as the CPU isn't having to strain itself.  But no, what I SHOULD have been doing was manually adding primitive shape colliders (cubes, sphere's, cylinders that sort of thing) to replicate/mimic the shapes of the track pieces - primitive colliders are SO much easier on processing power AND are more reliable compared to MeshColliders.

So, yeah... I've learnt something new, and improved my game a little.  I've now just got a sort out the colliders for everything (I'll see if I can still cheat on some of the pieces) and take it from there.

Speak to y'all soon ;)

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