Hotfix Improvement ('Magnetic Selection' of Pillars)

Hey all,

This is a pretty quick update.  After a quick convo with  a player yesterday they mentioned how selecting the pillars could sometimes be 'a little frustrating'.

So setting to the issue today, I'd like to think that I've found an elegeant solution... well, I say 'elegant', this is me :s

Basically, when the player clicks or drags a box there is a flag to tell if anything was actually selected and 'state-switched'.  If not, then it will do a distance check to the closest pilar and 'switch states' on that pillar.  However, if the pillar is outside the minimum threshold it won't activate. This means that you won't ALWAYS click a pillar (handy if the click was an accident, or you thought better of it).

The minimum threshold can be changed in the options.  Setting the "Magnetic Selection Distance" to 0 (zero) will effectively disable the feature.

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Apr 15, 2018

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